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Q: What are the differences between fixed frequency A/C and Variable frequency A/C?


J:  Variable frequency A/C(inverter A/C) can change its working speeds according to actual conditions, and cool/heat rooms quickly with high speed, and remain very low speed when set temperature reached. 


Meanwhile, inverter A/C can operate under a wide range of input voltages, that means it can work under unstable power supply conditions.


Inverter A/C works silently without frequent start/stop like ordinary A/C, and controls temperture accurately with tolerance of 0.5°c. 



Q: What is the main difference between 48VDC solar aircon and SOLARK solar PV aircon?

J: 48VDC solar aircon is combination of 48V independent solar power system and

    48VDC air conditioner, whose air compressor is DC type and mainly used for small electrical appliances. Generaly, its price is much higher than normal aircon.

     The outstanding feature of Solar PV aircon is direct drive, and that means solar PV power is used to directly drive DC inverter air compressor with much higher effeciency about 97%. Meanwhile, solar PV aircon can also be powered by independent 48VDC solar power system with an inverter, and power other household electrical appliances.


Q: What's the main difference between solar thermal aircon and solar PV aircon?

J:  The principle of solar thermal aircon is to use the heat collected by solar tube or absorbsion panel to asist air compressor in reducing power consumption.

      While, the principle of solar PV aircon is to use solar PV panels to generate electricity and drive air compressor directly with high effeciency.



Q:What are the main advantages of solar air conditioners? 


J: It can improve people's life quality who lives in places with short of power supply, such as Pakistan, Afganistan and other countries.


    It can greatly reduce electricity expenses for people who lives in places with high electricity rates, such as the Philippines, Australia and many European/Latin American countries.


Q: Is it easy to install solar air conditioner?


J: Very easy!  Plug & Play

    1st step:  install indoor unit and outdoor unit the same as ordinary A/C;


    2nd step: plug connectors between solar PV panles, and wire PV panel array to BOS (control box)

    3rd step: connect BOS to outdoor unit with cables provided;


   4th step:  switch on DC breaker inside BOS and play.


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